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Originally from Turkey, the shawarma is traditionally made from skewered lamb or chicken with toppings of tomatoes and cucumber, drenched in special sauces, all wrapped in warm pita bread.   Throughout the years, this dish has gained popularity due to its taste and the convenience with which one can eat it. With its unique, palatable flavor, the shawarma is truly a gastronomic treat that has captured the taste buds of people all over the globe. 

In the Philippines, the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine has become a staple in numerous malls and food establishments all over the country.  Beef is usually the preferred meat, and a variety of spices and dressings is used to truly capture the Filipino palate. That’s why we, at Khaleb Shawarma, eager to introduce the food concept in the country in its superb taste; the authentic taste of marinated beef, soft pita breads, flavored rice, and appetizing sauces with the combination of freshly sliced vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes and onions.  In addition, the company imports special ingredients from abroad to add flavor to the food.  Since the business started, we have guaranteed the people in the Metropolis our expertise.  More than anything, excellent service and professionalism is what we practice in every business relationship.

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  Despite being relatively new in the market, the company is working its way to expand its reach by the help of advertising. The company was featured in a business magazine of a newspaper and was just featured in famous afternoon variety show, ASAP ’08.
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  The company often caters in Malacanang for some special functions of the First Family such as birthdays, reunions, meetings with cabinet members and other government officials.
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